What Leaders Say

“As a small government office, I was hesitant about the cost associated with the Governor’s Sterling Award review process. In the months prior to and during the onsite examiners visit, something magical and priceless occurred. Our team members connected with one another on a higher level. They now clearly understand how their work links to the overall strategy, and you could feel and hear the pride, joy, and personal satisfaction shared by a TEAM. The Sterling Management Model and its’ evaluation programs are an affordable force multiplier for organizational performance and culture improvement.”

Rhonda Skipper, Walton County Tax Collector

“The Governor’s Sterling Award (GSA) provided Kids Central the opportunity and framework to define operating and performance measures across the core business functions. In contrast to accreditation standards, which provide a list of best practices to which we are expected to integrate into our operating procedures, Sterling forced us to look at how we listen to our customers, measure performance on all levels of the organization, and continuously improve performance. The GSA gave us a fresh perspective on our organization, communication techniques, performance data, and improvement initiatives. I strongly encourage any organization looking to take their performance to the next level to consider becoming involved with the Sterling process.”

David DeStefano, Chief of Strategy, Kids Central, Inc.