Schedule of Events for 2021 Performance Improvement Summit

8:30 AMDione GeigerSterling CouncilPresidentOpening Remarks
8:35 AMJohn KuevenWellstar Paulding Hospital

Wellstar Health System




Why the Sterling/Baldrige Management System?

The Sterling/Baldrige model establishes a leadership culture of performance excellence that engages the workforce and elevates the customer experience to achieve best in-class results. Learn from a Sterling/Baldrige leader and role model organization how this high performance excellence system is the prescription for success.

2020 Malcolm Baldrige Award Recpient – Wellstar Paulding Hospital
2019 Sterling Georgia Oglethorpe Award Recipient – Wellstar Paulding Hospital

8:55 AMDebra ShultzFlorida Power & Light

Sterling Council

Senior Manager, Quality Programs & Events

Chairman of the Board

Keynote Introduction
9:00 AMCory GodwinWalton County Sheriff’s DepartmentDirector of Jail OperationsLeading Through the Storm & After

“Never waste a good crisis.” – Winston Churchill

During the global coronavirus pandemic, the Sterling Family has worked to equip and inspire leaders with practical support for leading in crisis.  At this year’s Summit, we call upon Cory Godwin who has led teams during the natural disaster of Hurricane Michael, as well as managed jail operations during COVID-19.  Crisis leadership requires different behaviors and different leadership decisions. Every crisis creates both unexpected problems and unprecedented opportunities.  In this keynote address, Cory will discuss proven leadership behaviors necessary to lead through the storm, and how to build upon crisis to grow your leadership influence and provide hope to those you lead in 2021.

BREAK | 10:00 – 10:15 AM EST

The sessions below run concurrently. Select one.

10:15 AM ESTBob MadeirosAn Introduction to Sterling: A Framework for 2021 and Beyond

– Understand the Sterling Management System Framework
– Introduce the Maturity Model – ADLI
– Review the Sterling Core Values and Concepts

10:15 AM ESTDr. Mary Beth Corace
Dr. Raina Knox
Strategic Planning Agility and Governance: A Balanced Partnership

– Identify of tools to facilitate adjustment of existing strategic plans to align with organization’s internal and external environment.
– Learn an approach for projection of future adjustments needed to manage through evolution of unknown impacts of a continuation of the pandemic and preparing for post-pandemic organizational recovery.
– Receive an overview of a leadership governance framework supporting organizational needs for allocation of resources and alignment of focus with the mission. The importance of the governance process increases as external factors exert pressure and impact the organization’s ability to deliver on expected outcomes.

LUNCH | 11:45 AM – 12:30 PM EST

The sessions below run concurrently. Select one.

12:30 PM ESTJeff McLemoreBuilding Employee Engagement and Recognition Through Effective Leadership

– Examine who we should be as leaders of people (committed to the development of the work group, centered in self-awareness, committed to encouraging the involvement of others)
– Discuss employee motivation/engagement and recognition techniques
– Share collaboration techniques and best practices

12:30 PM ESTMonique AkanbiLeadership During Times of Disruption

– Identify critical leadership competencies to ensure continued organizational success
– Discuss the importance of each leadership competency
– Explain how to apply each leadership competency
– Share leadership best practices during crisis situations

BREAK | 2:00 PM – 2:15 PM EST

The sessions below run concurrently. Select one.

2:15 PM ESTBob SeemerRedefining and Refocusing Your Organization after COVID-19

– Review the 10-step process for defining capability and capacity requirements for effective change
– Discuss each step in the context of the Sterling Criteria
– Develop actionable priorities your organization can consider

2:15 PM ESTLoretta TownsleyCharter Your Way to a Successful Project 

– Strengthen your project charter with a strong concise and measurable problem and goal statement
– Understand what is critical-to-satisfaction for your customer
– Scope your project with a simple SIPOC
– Follow the DMAIC problem solving methodology

3:45 PM ESTJuan ArmasWrap-Up

END | 4:15 PM EST