Organizational Assessments & Awards Overview


Reese Goad, Interim City Manager, City of Tallahassee Mike Tadros, General Manager, Underground Utilities & Public Infrastructure, City of Tallahassee Dr. Paula Thaqi, Director, Roland Martinez, Deputy Director, Judith Elfont, Deputy Director, Florida Department of Health in Broward County

There are six robust assessment processes available in Florida and Georgia that use the Criteria for Performance Excellence and are used by all organizations regardless of size and sector:

Governor’s Sterling Sustained Excellence Assessment *
Governor’s Sterling & Georgia Oglethorpe Assessment*
Sterling Collaborative (non-competitive, 4 days with expert examiners collaborating with senior leaders)
Sterling Challenge (non-competitive, 5 days with an examiner team site visit)
Sterling Explorer (non-competitive, 2 days with a Sterling expert consultant)
Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Assessment

Sterling Criteria Training Registration

* These assessments are reviewed by an independent panel of judges and if selected may be eligible for Governor’s Sterling, Georgia Oglethorpe, or Sustained Excellence Award recognition.

Since its inception, the Florida Sterling Council has recognized 84 organizations as Governor’s Sterling Award recipients and 17 as Governor’s Sterling Sustained Excellence Recipients. We have trained more than 2,000 examiners who have implemented Sterling practices within their own organizations. Through its leadership, programs, and volunteers, Sterling offers practices that drive results and success, both in bottom-line performance and individual professional development.

One of the key core competencies of the Sterling Council through its assessment processes is the level of specialization in conducting a range of organizational assessments based on the Sterling/Baldrige Criteria.  This Criteria is the international standard for organizational performance excellence and it evaluated and improved every two years based on changing evidence-based best practices for leadership.  All of these assessments start with an Organizational Profile assessment (the foundation for all leadership systems) which addresses those factors which are most critical to your organizations success.  We have five levels of assessment that all vary in depth of management analysis and scope depending on the needs of the organization and the level of maturity from beginning to very rigorous applications, assessments, and feedback.  These assessment processes apply to all Florida and Georgia based organizations.