Organizational Assessments &
Awards Overview

Since its inception, the Florida Sterling Council has recognized 89 organizations as Governor’s Sterling Award recipients and 18 as Governor’s Sterling Sustained Excellence Recipients. We have trained more than 3,000 examiners who have implemented Sterling practices within their own organizations. Through its leadership, programs, and volunteers, Sterling offers practices that drive results and success, both in bottom-line performance and individual professional development.

The Florida Sterling Council offers several levels of assessments so organizations can match the depth of engagement and resources they are able to commit to where they are on their Path to Excellence.

  • For organizations that are either developing new management approaches and systems or organizations that have not assessed their management approaches before, we offer the Sterling Explorer.
  • Organizations that are accelerating on their Path to Excellence may choose the Sterling Challenge or the Sterling Collaborative Assessment. Both give you the site visit experience with Sterling Examination Teams, but they differ in the requirements and depth of information and the corresponding feedback you receive.
  • Organizations with solid approaches, wide and deep deployment, cycles of improvement with some innovation, and strong results showing good performance against relevant comparisons and areas of industry leadership against benchmarks may opt to apply for the Governor’s Sterling Award. Even if you do not have systematic processes in place to be a role model, but would like the benefit of the detailed assessment and team experience, you can go through this high performance assessment.
  • Organizations who have previously been awarded the Governor’s Sterling Award may apply for the Governor’s Sustained Excellence Award within a four year period in order to retain Role Model Designation. This process helps organizations keep the momentum going to sustain their agility and produce excellent results, regardless of changes that occur in their operating environments.
  • This section of the Resource Guide includes a matrix comparing the different overall requirements of the assessments and the depth of feedback report you receive. We have also included descriptions of each of the assessment levels including an overview of the process, steps you need to take, the value to your organization, and the cost structure.