29th Annual Florida Sterling Conference – Full Schedule

2021 Virtual Annual Sterling Conference

DAY 1: JUNE 1, 2021


Criteria 101Bob Goehrig

Director, Office of Management and Budget | Pasco County Government | Sterling Master Examiner

Bob Madeiros

Chief Executive Officer | Nature Coast Quality Associates, LLC | Sterling Master Examiner
Sterling Criteria: The Performance Excellence Framework for Sustainability

* Understand the Sterling Management Framework and internalize it to your own organization. This will include a focus on what is NEW for 2021.
* Learn about the system maturity model using Approach, Deployment, Learning, and Integration (ADLI) and its impact on evaluating how well your organization is performing.
* Understand how the Core Values and Concepts are the Sterling/Baldrige Management Criteria's foundation and how they relate to high performing organizations, including your own.
* Learn how to apply various Assessment tools to get started or continue your performance excellence journey.

* Checklist to get started on your organization's journey to excellence
* Organizational Profile Template
* "Are We Making Progress?" Survey

DAY 2: JUNE 2, 2021

OPENING KEYNOTE | 8:00 – 9:15 AM

Roland Martinez

Deputy Director & Organizational Development Director | Florida Department of Health in Broward County

2018 Governor's Sterling Award Recipient
Visionary Leadership - Catching the Horizon

* Learn what it takes to be a visionary leader.
* Understand the leadership traits required to inspire organizations to realize its high potential.
* Learn how visionary leaders leverage these traits and guide their organizations to performance excellence.

What will it take for you to be a Visionary Leader and “Catch the Horizon”?

BREAK | 9:15-9:30 AM


LeadershipVictoria Dune-Chari

Assistant Vice President, Innovation and Performance Excellence | Wellstar Health System
Great Leaders Set the Standard for What is Extraordinary

* Learn the tactics of leading an organization from having vision to realizing it.
* Learn when selecting the team, in the end, everybody matters. Often the most important people in the game are those on the bench, waiting to get in.
* Learn to lead by influence - discover the pull of a winning spirit.

Takeaway: Phased approach to an organizational excellence journey
Managing for ExcellenceNichole Solomon

Regional ESS Program Manager | Florida Department of Children and Families
Mastering the Leadership System: How Great Leaders Cultivate a Culture for Sustained Organizational Success

* Create a leadership system designed for a focus on action.
* Discuss how senior leaders deliver on value and results.
* Discover how to cultivate your organization’s culture.

Takeaway: Defining and Redefining your Organizational Culture Worksheet
Six SigmaBob Seemer

Chief Operating Officer | ets, Inc.
Process Management

* Discuss three (3) key elements for managing a process.
* Develop customer-focused outcome measures for a process.
* Determine and develop meaningful in-process measures.
GeneralMohamed Wafik

Customer Experience Professional | Beyout Investment Group (BIG)
How to Design a Customer Experience Strategy

* Learn the importance of a Customer Experience Strategy.
* Define the attributes needed to complete the Strategy Frame.
* Learn how to create a consistent brand experience across all channels.

Takeaway: Customer Experience Strategy Template
GeneralDr. Raina Knox

President & Chief Executive Officer | Stratex Solutions
Transformation through Innovation

* Integrate innovation into your organization's strategic planning and operational processes.
* Execute innovation approaches with the agility of a startup, and with systematic approaches and measurable outcomes.
* Apply the Four Lenses of Innovation to prioritize candidates for innovation initiatives.

Takeaway: Guide to Integrating Innovation into Strategic Planning & Daily Operations Processes


LUNCH BREAK | 12:00 AM – 1:00 PM


GeneralBob Madeiros

Chief Executive Officer | Nature Coast Quality Associates, LLC
An Introduction to Sterling - A Framework for 2021 and Beyond

* Understand the Sterling Management System Framework.
* Introduce the Maturity Model - ADLI.
* Review the Sterling Core Values and Concepts.

Takeaway: Link to the Sterling Resource Guide
* Organizational Profile Template
GeneralNichole Rydahl

Executive Director of Operations - Hospitals | Wellstar Paulding Hospital
Aligning & Integrating Organizational Performance

* Describe the benefit of aligning and integrating problem-solving with the organization's strategic objectives.
* Apply A3 thinking: strategic and problem solving using standard work.

* A3 Tool
* Lean Tools
GeneralTim Dorsey

President | The Dorsey Group
OUTPERFORM: How to Drive Productivity and Maximize Potential

* Learn how underperformance happens and what it looks like.
* Understand evidence-based decision-making as a remedy to underperformance.
* Generate data to enable effective decision-making and strategic planning.

* Multi-Function Process Map
*Performance Scorecard

GeneralBruce Crow

Lead Quality Project Manager | Florida Power & Light

Chris Norton

Lead Quality Project Manager | Florida Power & Light
Knowledge Management: What, Who and How

* Understand why knowledge is an asset that your employees have about their job.
* What knowledge are you willing to lose?
* Who has that knowledge and how will you transfer it to others - now and in the future? * Discuss how to make plans for the future.

Takeaway: Define the difference between Explicit and Tacit knowledge; begin planning how to capture the knowledge and transfer to other
GeneralPhil Centonze

Director | FloridaMakes | Sterling Judge
Building & Assessing Your Team for Effective Process Management

* Understand the 10 characteristics of successful teams.
* Learn how to determine behavioral types and their effects on team work.
* Know how to assess the stages of team evolution.

Takeaway: Team Building Scoring Matrix

BREAK | 2:30 – 2:45 PM


LeadershipAlbrey Arrington

Executive Director | Loxahatchee River Environmental Control District
Creating a Successful Organization: Key Opportunities for a Senior Leader

* Understand the critical importance of believing in your mission.
* Align reality with your desired culture.
* Improve organizational effectiveness by engaging the individuals that work for you.

Takeaway: Best Practices to Effectuate Organizational Cultural Change
Managing for ExcellenceBob Goehrig

Director, Office of Management and Budget | Pasco County Government
How Strategic Plans Create Organizational
Transformation and Focus

* Understand why Strategic Planning is important to your organization
* Understand the difference between strategy and tactics
* Learn how to build resiliency into your Strategic Plan
* Learn why an organization’s ability to innovate begins with the Strategic Plan
* Understand how to develop a successful
Action Plan

Takeaway: Strategy to Tactics to Action Worksheet
Six SigmaBob Seemer

Chief Operating Officer | ets, Inc.
Process Flow Charts

* Develop a flow chart so that improvement opportunities can be quickly detected.
* Identify ways to dramatically improve the efficiency of a process.
* Discuss how to develop a Process Control System for standardizing a process.
GeneralCourtnay Sanderfer

Vice President of Human Resource and Organizational Excellence | USF Federal Credit Union

Christina Musial

Human Resource Business Partner | USF Federal Credit Union
Find Value in Your Hiring

* Create Values-Based questions
* Understand the long-term impact of values-based hiring on your organization
* Utilize behavioral assessment as a tool in values-based hiring

* Values-Based Interview Guide
* Job Match/Team Match
GeneralJeff McLemore

Independent Consultant | Sterling Senior Examiner
Leading Multigenerational Teams

* Identify the four generations in the workplace.
* Understand the strengths and opportunities for each generation.
* Identify potential areas of miscommunication or disagreement
* Develop strategies to leverage the diversity of your team

Takeaway: Strategies to lead multigenerational teams and generation info sheet

EXPOSITION | 4:15 PM – 5:30 PM

DAY 3: JUNE 3, 2021

KEYNOTE | 8:00 – 9:00 PM

Cory Godwin

Director of Jail Operations | Walton County Jail
What the Best Employees Secretly Wish Their Leaders Knew... And Did!

Leaders have a responsibility for their team member’s engagement. This keynote session will focus on hard truths about what employees want and need from their leaders; and what they frequently share in the halls and break rooms of your organization. Instead of putting your organization at risk of losing your best people, we will consider actionable steps you can take so your staff isn’t wishing these things secretly about you.

BREAK | 9:00-9:15 AM


LeadershipRoland Martinez

Deputy Director | Florida Department of Health in Broward County
Leadership Coaching and Intentional Change: Helping Others Transform

* Understand the key components of the Intentional Change.
* Identify the how tension between the real and ideal self is the catalyst for change.
* Articulate the Five Discoveries of Intentional Change.
* Utilize the Learning Agenda and Development Plan to assist others journeys of change.

Takeaway: Leadership Development Plan
Managing for ExcellenceDebbie Vass

Corporate Vice President of Quality Initiatives | PatientCare EMS
Evolving from a Culture of Satisfactory Customer Transactions to One of Customer Engagement and Loyalty

* Learn the value of using various methods to listen to your customer groups to gain actionable information.
* Understand that determining customer engagement is important to build brand loyalty.
* Understand the importance of ensuring fair treatment for different customers in your customer experience strategies to avoid inadvertent discrimination.
* Learn that digging into root causes of customer dissatisfaction and complaints can be rewarding.

Takeaway: Customer Engagement Reference Tool
Six SigmaBob Seemer

Chief Operating Officer | ets, Inc.
Lean Overview and Key Tools

* Analyze the differences between Lean and Six Sigma.
* Discuss the 8 Wastes and Qualitative Analysis.
* Apply 8 Wastes Analysis to your process.
* Review the 5S approach and discuss how to implement it.
GeneralGordon Klein

Chief Financial Manager, Underground Utilities and Public Infrastructure | City of Tallahassee
Effective Management Leads to Effective Leadership

Learn to systematically and effectively:
* conduct on-on-ones;
* give feedback;
* coach your directs; and,
* delegate.

* One -on-One Meeting Template
* Feedback Template
GeneralAla'a Dwiddar

Sterling International Integrator

Shaza El-Araby

Business Partner | Journey AR Consultancy

Tamer Nabil

Chief Operating Officer | Sterling International
Rebooting Your Leadership Strategy: Putting Culture at the Core

* Understand post-pandemic workforce trends, which will become the "new normal."
* Learn about the new workforce skillset needed to grow and recover.
* Understand the impact of culture on performance, its correlation with Change Management, and how to effectively measure your organization's culture.
* Hear about the implementation of an organization's culture, alignment to the Sterling Criteria, and its impact on two organizations presented through a real-time Case Study.

* Post-Pandemic HR Interventions Templates
* Sterling International's Culture Navigator Profile
* I_CARE (International Certified Accredited Resourceful Educator) Profile

BREAK | 10:45 – 11:00 AM


GeneralBob Seemer

Chief Operating Officer | ets, Inc.
Redefining Your Organization for Performance Excellence

* Discuss 4 steps for accelerated improvement
* Learn how to determine your organization's major risks for achieving high performance
* Define the elements of a plan for achieving excellence

Takeaway: 10 Rules for Effective Key performance Indicators (KPIs)
GeneralAnthony Napolitano

Sterling Master Examiner
Management by Fact: How to Use Your Results, Measurements, and Information to Understand Your Organization

* Understand what to measure for your work systems and processes
* Understand trends and comparisons and how to use them to set goals
* Understand segmentation and where to use it

Takeaway: A sample of what results Baldrige winners from the past have used
GeneralMonique Akanbi

Vice President | People & Culture League of Southeastern Credit Unions
Managing Your Team's Performance

* Understand the role of a manager as it relates to their team's performance.
* Determine how to establish meaningful objectives using SMART criteria and how to link them to corporate Business Plan Objectives.
* Learn how to monitor and provide effective performance feedback.

Takeaway: Performance Feedback Tool
GeneralDr. Sampson Gholston

Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering | University of Alabama in Huntsville

Dr. James Swain

Department Chair & Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering | University of Alabama in Huntsville
Business Intelligence Using Data Analytics

* Explain how Category 4 relates to business success
* Identify best practices in data analytics
* Identify strategy to align data and information analysis to business results

Takeaway: Strategy for aligning information and knowledge to improve organization performance
GeneralNorma Krech

Consultant | R Ledbetter & Associates | Sterling Master Examiner
Sterling Criteria: Oh, How it's Changed!

* Learn about the 2021-2022 Sterling Criteria changes
* Understand the influence your organization's key success factors have on the Criteria
* Understand how the Criteria applies to your organization

Takeaway: Free online access to the 2021-2022 Sterling Resource Guide


6 organizations present their process improvement stories.

BREAK | 3:00 – 3:15 PM


LeadershipDana Peterson

Chief Economist, Executive Vice President | The Conference Board
Leading in a Post-Covid-19 Recovery

* Understand CEO and C-suite executives' views on internal and external challenges.
* Learn executives' strategies to mitigate risk and size opportunities
* Discover views on the long-term impacts that will emerge from the pandemic.

Takeaway: Uncover insights from leaders on how to navigate in a post-pandemic world
Managing for ExcellenceDr. Sampson Gholston

Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering | University of Alabama in Huntsville
Turn Data into Information to Drive Organizational Performance

* Learn the value of developing effective methods to select and use data and information
* Understand how to manage processes to achieve key organizational results and strategic objectives
* Understand the importance of selecting comparative data
* Learn how to manage data, information, and knowledge

Takeaway: Data/Information Management System
Six SigmaBob Seemer

Chief Operating Officer | ets, Inc.
Collecting and Interpreting Data

* Describe the two types of data and categories of statistics.
* Review and discuss the factors affecting sample sizes.
* Discuss variation and calculate the standard deviation of a data set and create a line graph.
GeneralNicholas Curran

Performance Excellence Manager | USF Federal Credit Union

Brittney LaClair

Performance Excellence Specialist | USF Federal Credit Union
Get the Enterprise Focused on Process

* Develop an enterprise process map.
* Establish process governance (methodology, manuals, progress tracking, etc.).
* Identify enterprise processes and determine their maturity ranking.
* Implement a process index/library.

APQC's Process Classification Framework (PCF)
Enterprise Process Map Sample BPM Tracker Sample
GeneralJeff McLemore

Independent Consultant | Sterling Senior Examiner
Building Employee Engagement & Recognition through Effective Leadership

* Examine who we should be as leaders of people (committed to the development of the work group, centered in self-awareness, and committed to encouraging the involvement of others).
* Discuss employee motivation/engagement and recognition techniques.
* Share collaboration techniques and best practices.

Takeaway: Tip sheet on techniques to engage/recognize others

DAY 4: JUNE 4, 2021


LeadershipDouglas Katez

Chief Deputy Tax Collector | Pinellas County Tax Collector's Office

Catherine Bailey Noble

Deputy, Human Resources & Training | Pinellas County Tax Collector's Office
Evaluating Senior Leadership Performance - Easy as Pie!

* Define Leadership Competencies
* Incorporate Code of Conduct and Leadership Competencies into Performance Evaluations
* Measure leadership performance

* Senior leader performance evaluation
* Code of Conduct, leadership competencies, and senior leader KPI scorecard
Managing for ExcellenceDawn Antinori

Assistant Director, Branch Ops | Hillsborough County Tax Collector

Cindy Brislin

Manager, Branch Operations Training and Quality Assurance | Hillsborough County Tax Collector
Engaging, Managing, and Developing your In-Office and Remote Workforce to Utilize its Full Potential

* Drive out workforce requirements.
* Examine workforce resiliency and its importance to organizational success.
* Understand workforce reactions to organizational change including equity and inclusion.
* Learn how workforce development impacts your business results.

* Golden Thread Exercise Template
* Individual Development Plan Template
Six SigmaBob Seemer

Chief Operating Officer | ets, Inc.
Key Analytical Tools

* Review the three key analytical tools for solving most problems.
* Discuss when to use each tool in the DMAIC methodology.
* Determine which tool is used for different types of quantitative data.
* Apply these tools to create a logic flow and discuss.
* Evaluate how these tools create a logic flow and discuss.
GeneralLoretta Townsley

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Consultant | IBM | Quality Training Manager | NextEra Energy University
Charter Your Way to a Successful Project: Lifesaving Tips & Tricks

* Learn the 4 most important success tips for your Lean Six Sigma project.
* Use the 3 most important success tools.
* Understand how to measure project success.
* Practice DMAIC through a fun virtual hands-on activity.

Takeaway: Project & Goal Statement Template
GeneralKevin Butanowicz

Human Resource Manager | School District of Palm Beach County

Maureen Thompson

HR Specialist - Professional Development | School District of Palm Beach County
Are Your Coaching Conversations Making a Difference?: Learn Phrases/Questions to get Employees Improving

* Understand the 4 types of coaching.
* Understand the process and mindset of having a successful coaching conversation.
* Demonstrate CLEAR Coaching model strategies.

Takeaway: AR Coaching 1 Page Guide for a Successful One-on-One Coaching Conversation

BREAK | 9:30 – 9:45 PM


LeadershipNichole Solomon

Regional ESS Program Manager | Florida Department of Children and Families
Embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in your Organization: Shifting from Awareness to Action

* Understand the role of diversity, equity and inclusion in your organization's leadership system.
* Assess readiness to design a DEI model that supports your organization's culture.

Takeaway: Organizational DEI Assessment Tool
Managing for ExcellenceMichael Gagnon

Manager, Quality, Safety & Innovation | Nicklaus Children’s Hospital | Sterling Master Examiner
How Operational Excellence is Impacted by Work Processes

* Learn how to determine and design essential work and support processes.
* Understand how the alignment of key work processes and support processes.
* Maximize organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
* Learn how to leverage in‐process measures to drive organizational outcomes.

Takeaway: Work Process Analysis Tool
Six SigmaBob Seemer

Chief Operating Officer | ets, Inc.
Lean Six Sigma DMAIC Overview

* Review the objectives of each DMAIC step and the 33 checkpoints.
* Discuss how concepts learned and applied in Units 1-5 are used in the DMAIC methodology.
* Review and evaluate a DMAIC project example and apply the checkpoints.
GeneralAnthony Napolitano

Sterling Master Examiner
Agility and Resilience: Responding to Change and Disruption

* Understand the need for business agility and how to implement it in your organization.
* Understand what resilience means and how to implement it in your organization.
* Understand the commonalities between business agility and resilience.

Takeaway: How to Use the 6 Principles of Long-Lasting Systems to Assess your Resiliency
GeneralHeather Leon

HR Manager of Training | Pinellas County Tax Collector's Office
Inspire Your Workforce to Build the Leadership Culture You Envision

- Review your current leadership culture and programs
* Assess your organizational leadership strengths and weaknesses.
* Take a strategic approach to leadership development programs and expectations.
* Set the leadership culture vision and communicate it to your staff.
* Empower your workforce to meet and exceed your vision to move your whole organization forward.

* Checklist for analyzing your organization's leadership development opportunities at all levels
* Outline to build new programs using the voice of your workforce to take your programming to the next level

BREAK | 11:15 – 11:30 AM

CLOSING KEYNOTE | 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Mary Chatman

President | Wellstar Kennestone Hospital & Wellstar Windy Hill Hospital | Executive Vice President | Wellstar Health System
Your Vision Guide

AWARD CEREMONY | 1:30 – 3:30 PM