29th Annual Florida Sterling Conference

2021 Virtual Annual Sterling Conference

Develop yourself.

Satisfied employees create satisfied customers. At the 29th Annual Virtual Florida Sterling Annual Conference, we equip you with everything you need to reduce wasted time and increase productivity. Imagine yourself at the end of the day as you sit back and relax, knowing you truly completed everything on your plate and, in the process, created moments that matter in interactions with the customers you serve.

Guide your teams.

The organization of a successful project is what makes or breaks you; it is usually the most difficult aspect of project deployment – but does it have to be? At the 29th Annual Virtual Florida Sterling Annual Conference, learn the best ways to engage, manage, and develop your in-office and remote workforce to utilize its full potential and ensure you get the most success out of each project every time.

Transform your organization.

Driving a high-performing and sustainable strategic plan focused on innovation is more important than ever, but that does not mean you need to scrap or pause existing initiatives. At the 29th Annual Florida Sterling Conference, use the Sterling Framework to optimize your organization and achieve every one of your business objectives – from awareness to advocacy – using hard data and metrics rather than mere qualitative facts.

Certification Opportunities

This year’s virtual conference includes several certification tracks and is some of our most popular opportunities as part of the conference experience. The learnings, examples, and takeaways apply to all organizations regardless of sector, size, or industry. You must attend all six workshops per track to earn certification.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Receive expert instruction from leaders experienced in your field and hands-on application of Lean Six Sigma Tools to ensure you get the most immediate value to your organization.

Managing for Excellence

Develop a personalized Leadership System that produces ever-increasing organizational results through continuous improvement and innovation.


Move forward from good to great by mastering your expertise in ethical behavior, a well-defined organizational culture, strategic & customer focus, & making decisions based on the right set of measures and data.

Products & Services Exposition

This year, the “Expo” will be held on Wednesday, June 2nd, from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm, and Thursday, June 3rd, from 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm.

For Attendees

Just what does it take to earn the Governor’s Sterling Award and sustain organizational excellence? At the Sterling Products & Services Exposition, learn best practices, interact with, and network with professionals at role model organizations. From gift cards to a free future conference registration, we will also hand out four prizes for those who participate. Will you be one of our lucky picks?

For Exhibitors

We are driven by creating custom experiences that deliver results for your business and your target audience. At the Sterling Products & Services Exposition, take advantage of this virtual environment to showcase your organization’s success and increase lead generation. Check out our flyer to learn more about how to become a Sterling Conference Exhibitor.


“It was an excellent experience for the CTU team to showcase the value of team work and the cultural transformation. Winning the team showcase represents the synergy of our mission, vision, and values to provide excellent services to our patients and make a difference on their lives.”

Director of Miami Healthcare Education Organization

“The Florida Sterling Council Annual Conference was an enlightening conference for myself and my team. The conference presentations addressed how organizations can strategically make improvements that generate better operations, customer value, and overall results.”

CEO of Central Florida Pediatric Hospital

“As an exhibitor and attendee at the Florida Sterling Annual Conference for the past several years, I have made lasting relationships, both personally and professionally, with fellow conference attendees, and we look forward to continuing to learn and grow our knowledge base through our participation in the Sterling Annual Conference in years to come.”

Vice President of Tallahassee Non-Profit 

“The Sterling Conference was one of the best conferences I have attended—the speakers, presenters, written materials, and networking opportunities provided me and my staff with great insight, guidance and tools as we continue on our Sterling journey.  I left the conference excited to implement much of what I learned, better equipped to measure our successes and to use data, and ready to achieve breakthrough performance.”

Supervisor of Elections, Hillsborough County Office of the Supervisor of Elections

“The Sterling Conference was terrific in that the people attending were very eager and well informed. Having specific tracks in the training not only added structure to the event but the sequencing allowed for each session to build on the one before.  The interaction between the presenter and the attendees added that ‘live’ aspect of real business challenges that we all face.  I give this event the full two thumbs up!”

Senior Director, Procurement Services of Orange County School District