The David Moore, Sr. Tribute

Written by John Pieno, Chairman Emeritus of the Florida Sterling Board of Directors.

I met Dave Moore, Sr. during my first legislative session as a departmental head in Tallahassee state government.

He approached me at the Capitol and asked to discuss a questionable piece of legislation that would have excluded his enterprise and most of the same types in Florida, in favor of one or two large corporations only. I agreed to look into the issue and determined that one word “shall” needed to be replace with “may” to ensure inclusiveness. We made the change and that became the onset of a 28 year relationship that supported any effort for the betterment of Florida that we undertook.

Dave was one of the ardent supporters of the Sterling concept for Florida and provided or helped secure resources to embrace the concept.

He attended every conference and awards banquets, reached out to other organizations for resources and was an annual contributor and sponsor of the Florida Sterling Council and founding Board member.

He had strong religious based convictions and if we asked for his help because it was “the right thing”, he always complied.

Those convictions also allowed him to support his church and many other not-for-profits in that area. We will miss him greatly.

He raised two sons, Dave Jr. and Doug and they are committed to supporting the Florida Sterling Council and we are grateful for their efforts.

Please keep Dave Sr. in mind as one of the most honest and generous supporters I have had the pleasure of working with.