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Sterling Perspectives - Michael Eugene

Authored by: Florida Sterling

April 26, 2017


Learn, elevate, and collaborate at the 25th Annual Florida Sterling Conference

Authored by: 

March 06, 2017

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Limitations of Return on Investment

Authored by: Bob Seemer – 20 year member of the Florida Sterling Council Board of Directors

February 23, 2017

Return on Investment (ROI) examples like the one used in last week’s post reveal one of several limitations when using ROI, particularly when comparing investments or the value of projects. While the ROI of the second project was much lower than that of the first investment, the time to realize the benefits of the second project was much less. The ROI for the first investment was 29:1 in one year and the ROI for the second project was 15.7:1 in only six months. At first glance, the first project was more financially beneficial; however, when the time to achieve the benefit is considered, the second project yielded its benefits in only half the time of the first project. To properly compare the value or potential value of both projects, they must use the same time factor. By annualizing the second project, the calculations would be as follows: $250,000 X 2 = $500,000 - $15,000 divided by $15,000 = 32.3:1.


Applying Return on Investment and Quantifying Real Value

Authored by: Bob Seemer – 20 year member of the Florida Sterling Council Board of Directors

February 01, 2017

Return on Investment, or “ROI”, is a performance measure used to evaluate the value of a potential investment, to compare the efficiency of several different investments, or to determine the value of a completed project. ROI measures the amount of return on an investment relative to the investment’s cost. The ROI concept is used in all fields, and there are many variations of the ROI formula.


Collaboration – Part 2

Authored by: Norma Krech, Business Performance Consultant with R Ledbetter & Associates, and Sterling Master Examiner

January 06, 2017

Although there are several definitions for the term collaboration, the common theme is “working together to achieve a common goal.” Let’s break this apart. First, working together. This may encompass individuals or teams within an organization, or a partnership established with external resources or organizations. Next, in order for collaboration to be successful a common purpose must be defined, articulated, and accepted by everyone involved – the common goal.