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Sterling Navigator Pricing

Sterling Navigator

The first phase of the Sterling assessment process is a simple, cost-effective, and quick tool that provides organizations with a snapshot of where the organization currently is.

The process begins with the organization administering a survey to a cross section of employees. The Sterling Council then analyzes the data, determines the results, and provides a feedback report for the organization.

Several strengths and areas for improvement are identified as related to the Sterling Criteria; this information can be used by organizations to set future direction and develop strategic plans.

The Sterling Council offers mentoring as a follow-up once the Navigator feedback report has been delivered. This mentoring is customized for each organization.

The Sterling Navigator is designed specifically for higher performing organizations that want to measure their progress in meeting the standards of high performance, but cannot, or do not want to, spend the time or resources on a GSA or Challenge application and site visit. The design of this survey includes a rating system that reflects the Sterling/Baldrige scoring system of Approach, Deployment, Learning, and Integration in the process categories.

Conducting the Navigator self-assessment helps organizations introduce the Sterling Criteria to their workforce. By placing a priority on the improvement initiatives, organizations can more effectively implement an award winning management system and move closer to the goal of performance excellence.

The Sterling Navigator is most suitable for organizations that:

  • Want to quickly and inexpensively measure employees' knowledge and perceptions about your overall organizational management system
  • Want to utilize the tool as a climate survey
  • Have new leadership who want to understand the current organizational structure and climate
  • Have used a higher-level self-assessment tool, feel they are making progress, but want to check for understanding and deployment

Sterling Navigator Testimonials

The Sterling Navigator is a great place to start!

The Manatee County Tax Collector was a recipient of the 2011 Governor’s Sterling Award. The Honorable Ken Burton, Tax Collector, explains that they started the Sterling journey with the Sterling Navigator assessment tool.

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The Sterling Navigator is an organizational self-assessment based on the 2014 Sterling Criteria for Organizational Performance Excellence.

It is in the form of a questionnaire that is completed by members of the organization from different levels and functions.

The completed surveys are sent to the Sterling office, analyzed, and a computer-generated feedback report is prepared for the organization.

The benefits of the feedback report are as follows:

  • It provides a baseline measurement on how the organization is progressing on its path to excellence
  • It identifies the major strengths of the organization and the areas most in need of improvement
  • It is formatted in easy-to-read Pareto charts and bar graphs

2013-2014 Sterling Navigator Pricing

Navigator Price
Application of Intent Fee $250
Up to 25 Surveys $3,495
26-49 Surveys $4,295
50-100 Surveys $4,895
More than 100 Surveys-Please Call

To find out more about the Florida Sterling Council, call (850) 922-5316.